Maybe because it's spring


I was bored so I made a new layout for the website → aikon
I deleted pages. Now, pages load every icons of the related anime. Yeah, it can be a lot of icons.
To link icons you like, I recommend you to use anchors, which are located on the ID of each icon. Click on the ID and the icon will warp on the top of your browser (first line), except for last of page (example: #2793).
I'm trying to change the background colour of the highlighted icon but I have to use JavaScript and I hate that so much... In fact, I don't even understand a bit of it. But I'll do it. Someday and somehow. BEWARE! The power of CSS3 pseudo-element :target is GREAT \o/ 5 minutes later, the selected icon is now highlighted with a different background =D I love CSS3 so much ♥

I don't know when the next update is coming. I didn't make any icon at all since last time =/


Hi! Long time no see. I hope you guys are still alive. I am. And I finished and won the NaNoWriMo. Now I can have a normal life with exams and this kind of stuff, yay.

Kimi ni todoke (ep 18-24) +24 → END
Tora Dora! (ep 22-25) +17 → END

So, I am trying to clear all the animes on board. Next time, I'll clear Bakemonogatari (yeah, finally...) and Sayonara Zetsubou sensei. After that, I still have Durarara!!, K-ON!, Sengoku Basara and... well, a dozen of anime... But, first, Bakemonogatari and SZS. I swear.

See you!


Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt (ep 1-3) +54
+ new layout
+ jQuery/AJAX thing for displaying avatars

Hi guys! Long time no see, I know...
I lost my motivation for making avatars, I guess. I made some but for me. I can't do one big update per week, I'll try to post one update per month =/

Now, go to aikon \o/

Some news


Just a quick note to tell you you can now see avatars sorted by ID, date of publication or number of downloads*. Just click on the links of the bottom of the page (someday, it will be niiiiiiiice and all in shiny AJAX but I'm still learning for the moment =/).

Update? What update? ='D
Seriously, I don't have any motivation right now for avatar making and I'm quite busy so... july? august? IDK.

* Yeah, I was just tired to check page after page which one was the most downloaded >___>,


Hi guys =D

I know, I know, I did make icons since 2 weeks, that's unbelivable but... this is may, freaking exam month. And I have other stuff to do sooooooo... Well, I guess I can't make 100 icons per week anymore...
I'll try to keep going but it won't be with the crazy rhythm anymore.

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Hi guys!

Sorry but I can't post tomorrow for some personnal reasons =/
I'll try to post something for members, anyway.

See you next week!


Axis Powers Hetalia (ep 14-19) +18
Durarara!! (ep 13) +9
Junjou Romantica (S2 ep 9-12 END) +29
K-ON!! (S2 ep 2) +29
ToraDora! (ep 20-21) +14

Yep, this is the end of Junjou Romantica. I'll make avatars on season 3 if it pops up someday, of course.
Next time, it will be the end of ToraDora, Kimi ni todoke and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. I'll make a special update with this 3 animes only, in order to finish it and start something new. I'm thinking about Baka to test to shoukanjuu and Sex pistols OAV. Oh and I'm planning to make Togainu no chi avatars too.

I can't stand fucking people who don't read the fucking rules anymore. Screw you x_____x

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Axis Powers Hetalia (ep 8-13) +16
Durarara!! (ep 12) +11
Junjou Romantica (S2 ep 7-8) +12
K-ON!! (S2 ep 1) +18
Kimi ni todoke (ep 16-17) +10
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (zan ep 13 /end) +10
ToraDora! (ep 18-19) +22

Big news
• Second season of K-ON! started \o/
Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei ended. Next : Boku and after that, Zan [...] Bangaichi.

Big problem
Not for the site, the site is fine, this is a problem for you: I succefully renamed avatars with IDs (no oh-so-long-names anymore !) and... well, URL have changed. That's a problem for affiliates but I'll send PMs this week-end.
I like new names, anyway. And I'm thinking about deleting folders to put all avatars in a single one (not a problem because I have the database who knows which avatars are related to). That would be even simplier but URL will change again. I'll think about it some more.
I keep going on PHP stuff (joining tables, blablabla).

50 members \o/
157 followers \o/
4509 downloads (+900 since last update) \o/
And that's all thank to you!

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